Development Steps Until Now

  • Calculations of the aerodynamic and strength characteristics
  • Mathematical simulation of device behavior in different flight modes and machine stability with a wide range of dynamic loads
  • Created more than 12 reduced models of the device for various tests
  • More than 10 tests in a wind tunnel
  • Eight extensive environmental climate tests
  • More than 200 flight test of models
  • Patent for the main engine
  • Substantial tests of the AI control system
  • Based on calculations and testing, we have defined the technical details for an aircraft weighing 900-1000  kg.

At present, a draft project for the creation of an unmanned cargo line with a length of up to 4,000 km and a volume of transportation of 250 tons per day is being discussed with potential partners.

We have defined the technical conditions for the creation of an aircraft for an unmanned, non-stop, round-the-world flight with automatic refueling in the air.

We have developed the technical conditions for a special jet for competitions / races (as in the Formula 1 races).

In parallel, we are developing main and lifting engines. The first tests showed unique characteristics.