The volume of freight traffic all over the world is more than 3 trillion euros and grows by 10-12% annually.
We will be full-fledged participants of this market and will open new opportunities for the delivery of goods to any point.


Project objective

The purpose of the project is to create two types of cargo UAVs (drones) for logistics in severe external conditions, evacuation of the wounded, communications, search for people, visual inspection of objects on the ground.
Due to the unique aerodynamic design, as well as highly efficient propulsion engines of its own design, these UAVs have a high cruising speed and range. At the same time, an important feature is the possibility of vertical take-off and landing on unprepared sites.

As a result of the design work, two types of UAVs of different weight categories will be created:

  • First prototype weighing approx. 550 kg
  • Weight of payload: 100 kg
  • Range of flight: 200 km


  • Control system that automatically controls flight at low altitude with an accuracy of 1-2 m and a speed of up to 400 km / h
  • Cost of flight/hour: less than 90 $
  • Vertical take-off and landing on small platforms 7х7 m (will not damage surfaces like asphalt, wood etc.)
  • Cruising speed 420-500 km/h
  • Compartment for the payload: 2-4 m³.
  • Jet Fuel, Gasoline
  • Autonomous parking in hangar

For Investors

According to Civil UAS this market will represent a value of $74 billion in 10 years time. Therefore, the outlook for our project is brilliant. We are looking for a strategic partner to finance and promote our project.

For more information on technical specifications, photo material as well as bios of the team please contact us.

First Stage:
Prototype weighing 450-500 kg
Weight of payload: 100 kg
Range of flight: 200 km
Required time: 12-14 months

Second Stage:
Prototype weighing 1200 kg.
Weight of payload: 470-500 kg
Range of flight: 1800 – 2000 km.
Required Time: 12-18 months.

The result in all stages are finished products.
The Cargo UAV version for the serial production will be finished in 24 – 30 months.


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